Chuck Glenn

HOWDY! I'm supposed to say that now that I live in the southwestern United States. My name is Charles Glenn but I've gone by Chuck my entire life except for High School where (for no apparent reason) I let everyone except my friends just call me Charles. I've had a good run in life, but I'm not done yet. I've had children (2 sons) and raised a stepson. I've been through a marriage, divorce and I'm currently happily married. I was lucky enough to choose a decent profession that I'm fairly good at. I'm not afraid to end a sentence with a preposition, either. I've been through several jobs, mostly good ones. I've also had a few hobbies over the years, and I've managed to invent a few useful contraptions.

If you came here to follow up on my inventions or other interests, check out the hobby page.

If you came here because you are considering hiring me, then check out the professional page.

If you already know me and are here for personal items, you can see these on my personal page. I decided a while ago that linkedIn, facebook and all those sorts of sites are annoying time-sucks, so I don't do any of that. If you want more pictures of my dogs, wife, sons or grandson you can see all that on other people's facebook pages. I'm not trying to be anti-social, I just don't like spending all day telling people boring details of my life. Plus people tend to spend their time online either stalking, trolling or fighting over politics or religion. I have opinions about all those but I'm not willing to fight with strangers online about all that because it's depressing. I suppose I do it a bit on youtube, but I really, really try to avoid it.

Enjoy the site! If you have any questions you can email me. I use GMail and google is pretty aggressive about screening spam. If you are not sure you can avoid my spam folder then try the contact form.